04 Jan A New Year- Carry On

At an M2 summer BBQ, I heard a 92 year old volunteer, Sybil, telling us that the motto she had posted on her fridge was:  “Don’t quit until the hearse pulls up at your door”. Sybil began as an M2 volunteer along with her husband Gus, and carried visiting the five different men to whom they were matched, when he passed away.  It never occurred to Sybil to stop visiting just because she was now on her own.  Her quote was an inspiration to me, as was her zest for living and giving.  A few months later Sybil earned the right to quit.  When I heard of her death, I thought of how much she would be missed by the three men to whom she was still matched

As I face another year my mandate is clear “Don’t quit until the hearse pulls up at my door.”

Linnea Groom


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