26 Jan Sowing/Reaping/Caring

I sat in an emergency department, waiting to be seen by a doctor who was fighting a loosing battle to save the life of a stabbing victim.  When the doctor came in, I heard him reference the Bible as saying “If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword”.  I ‘googled’ the quote, to find that it roughly comes from the passage where Jesus told Peter to put away his sword and said that those who take up the sword, die by the sword.  I have long recognized the general principle that we reap what we sow, but what I find disturbing, is the shrug of our shoulders that often goes along with that thought.

That night, as I lay sleepless in my bed, I was thinking of another news item.  The body of a lady in her twenties was found in a house in Abbotsford.  The news reported that she was known to the police, having a criminal history. They haven’t told us who she is yet.  The person who took her life obviously found her to be dispensable.  I suspect that, based on the one piece of her life that we know, a large part of society will also consider her life to be dispensable.  But I waited with trepidation to hear who it is that has been killed, knowing that she is very likely someone that I know, quite possibly someone who has interacted with a W2.  Not knowing, I can still fill out the picture of her life much more than the news has.  She was an innocent baby born into the world, to a mother who loved her but may, or may not, have had the capacity to live out that love.  She went to school and had friends.  There’s a pretty good chance that her use of drugs is, in some way, related to trauma that she experienced somewhere along the road of her life.  There is a fairly good chance that she is a mother herself, with a child(ren) that she may, or may not, have been able to care for.  As a society we can hope that there were people in her life who anguished over her “sowing” things that could reap what has been her ultimate fate.

As W2s we have collectively anguished over her.  Still not knowing who she is, the tears that I shed, I shed because her life has infinite value and SHE represents the reason that so many W2s spend their Monday evenings in prison.

Linnea Groom

  • Lisa Torikka
    Posted at 18:51h, 26 January Reply

    Wow, Linnea that is a very well written and heartfelt message. I, being a “survivor”, value and cherish the friendships I have built through M2/W2. I often wonder how you all can go in Monday after Monday, see the destruction and despair that the men and women subject themselves to, and not be affected? Well, now I see, yes, it does affect you, yet you still remain true to Jesus and true to the men and women that desperately need you to be the one that loves, as Jesus did, unconditionally…not for anything we have done, could do, or will do…just because that is what Jesus does. So, thank you Linnea and all the M2/W2’s for shining a light where no one else would.

  • Catherine Wilson
    Posted at 21:16h, 26 January Reply

    Amazing Linnea. Lisa said it all. Brought tears to my eyes reading it. You are all amazing and I am one of many I am sure who you all as W2s have helped. Been there for us, with out judging and loving us and accepting us unconditionally. Thank you all so much. And you are so right, people seem to just shrug of when an asddict passes, even if we get clean our addiction and past is held over us for sosososo long. we are all humans with a story and no better or no less than anyone else.

  • Audrey Anderson
    Posted at 02:49h, 27 January Reply

    I am the mother of a daughter who is on the streets right now. I cry over her and I pray! That is all i can do. Thank you so much for being there for these men and women. I know there are people there for her too. And I know the Lord has not given up on her. Neither have I

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